MScan-e: a complete, cost-effective analyzer

Biochemistry, Immunology, Coagulation, Electrolytes, find the test that’s right for you with just one analyzer!


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analyseur biochimie coagulation electrolytes vétérinaire


5 years guaranteeWith its comprehensive assessments and Fleks assessments, the MScan-e adapts to every situation. Lightweight, quiet and fully automated, the MScan-e analyzer will find its place whatever your activity (clinic, practice, home, etc.). In 12 minutes, get accurate results with species- and age-adjusted normalities.

Detailed specifications

  • 37 parameters for quick diagnosis:

ALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, AST, BUN, Ca2+, CHE, Cl-, CK, CREA, FRU, GLU, GGT, K+, LAC, LDH, LPS, Mg2+, Na+, PHOS, TBA, TB, TC, Bicarbonates, TG, TP, UA, f-SAA, c-CRP, APTT, FIB, PT, TT, A/G,  B/C, GLOB

  • 100 µl of whole blood, serum or plasma
  • Simplified handling without prior centrifugation
  • Results in less than 12 minutes
  • Color touch screen and internal printer

Documents (only available in french)